Make more money from your forest...

New Growth Forestry will provide expertise in maximizing your forestís present and future
value. We assist timber investors in locating, purchasing and managing quality forest
properties in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

NGF sincerely believes that in our ever changing economy, investments in forest land
properties will bring diversity, growth and stability to your portfolio.

Your forest can be one of your hardest working assets... with proper management offered
through NGF services, your forest can provide a significant source of income for you now
and in the future. Let New Growth Forestry provide you with the quality services you
Timber Investment Services
New Growth Forestry LLC
New Growth Forestry LLC
A Timber Sales & Forest Management Company
NGF Service Area:
Ohio, Kentucky & West Virginia
A Timber Sales & Forest Management Company
Services in Ohio, Kentucky & West Virginia
Upcoming Events
September / October 2017
October 14, 2017
Buffalo & Wild Game Night
Falls of Rough, Kentucky

Carved buffalo and buffalo chili, elk meatloaf, duck &
dumplings, frog legs & wild boar. More info...
September 9 - October 15, 2017
Old West Festvial
Williamsburg, Ohio

A piece of the country turned into an old west town
with gun fights, comedy, rides & live music. Info...
September 30 - October 8, 2017
Mountain Forest Festival
Elkins, West Virginia

Headline concerts, lumberjack competitions, forestry
& wood exhibits & amusement rides. More info...