Many private forest landowners choose to sell their Kentucky timber for a wide variety of
reasons. NGF is dedicated to helping landowners achieve the highest prices when selling
timber. We are experts in timber sales administration and marketing and we take pride in
serving our Kentucky clients.

Kentucky ranks in the top five hardwood lumber producers in the United States. Over 50
percent of Kentucky is forested with more than 12 million acres. 92 percent of that is
owned by private landowners. Hardwood trees account for 92 percent of the total volume
of growing stock. Oak/Hickory is the dominant forest type; accounting for 77 percent of
Kentucky’s timberland. Timber growth to timber harvest ratio is 2.1 to 1. Over 40,000
Kentuckians are employed in the wood products industry.

Many species of Kentucky timber are used in manufacturing:

Veneer and Hardwood Sawtimber Species: Northern Red Oak, Black Oak,
White Oak, Chestnut Oak, Sugar (Hard) Maple, Red (Soft) Maple, Black Cherry,
Black Walnut, Ash, Yellow (Tulip) Poplar, Hickory, Basswood, Cottonwood, Elm,
Sycamore, Beech and Gum.

Softwood Sawtimber Sawlogs: White Pine, Red Pine, Virginia Pine, Hemlock,
Eastern Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine

Other markets for delivered logs: Scragg Wood, Stave Logs, Peeler Logs, Fence
Logs, Log Cabin Logs, Crating Logs, Handle Logs, Pallet Logs, Chip Logs, Pulpwood
Logs, Mat Logs, Pallet Logs, Tie Logs, Shaving Logs, Blocking Logs
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